About Us

Cleaning service for office, retail, colleges, schools

At Städar commercial cleaning service we do things not just differently, but better.


The idea for Städar developed from a word and a philosophy. In Swedish, Städar means ‘clean and tidy’. Embedded in Swedish society is their philosophy of ‘lagom’, where everything has a balance. An element of tidiness and a sense of order.


Working primarily in the cities of Leicester, Nottingham and Derby, but also in the neigbouring areas, we aim to emulate the high standards in our cleaning service. Above all, attention to detail, an ordered process like our Scandinavian neighbours.


We work very hard to live up to our name. Therefore all our services are underpinned by our robust ‘Städar System’. This gives us the precision to calculate cleaning schedules to the minute. We robustly monitor that we can guarantee to deliver our service commitment to all of our clients. Where other companies skim, we clean deeply, hygienically and innovatively.