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Städar’s vision is ‘cleaning without compromise’. We invest in our people, systems, knowledge and training to ensure all our customers receive a consistently high standard of cleaning.

A commercial cleaning company with a difference. We offer professional, affordable commercial cleaning services for premises of every size and shape, from office to factory, school to retail.

We implement clear cleaning specifications that have been agreed with you and which detail everything that is necessary to ensure you have a consistently clean environment.

In Swedish, Städar means ‘clean and tidy’. Embedded in Swedish society is their philosophy of ‘lagom’, where everything has a balance, an element of tidiness and a sense of order.

We use ‘Quality Control Technology’ to track our cleaning performance and to ensure we always deliver our agreed service commitment to you. We ensure that everything is accurate.

All Städar staff are specifically trained to your site, and to meet the needs of your particular business, meaning greater efficiency, tailored schedules and, above all, superior cleaning.

We never use the same cleaning cloth twice. By having unique systems in place, Städar ensures that our cleaning equipment is not just visually clean, but hygienically clean.

Fully trained cleaners

All staff are specifically trained to your workspace requirements

Fully managed cleaning service

Our detailed scheduling gives us the precision to charge by the minute

No long-term binding contracts

We recognise your need for flexibility and won't tie you into any lengthy contracts

Regular cleaning inspections

Frequent cleaning inspections ensure we always maintain our service level agreement

Extensive cleaning schedules

Calculating cleaning frequencies, work plans, and service profiles for your building

Immediate director level access

With no complex hierarchy, you always have immediate access to your account Director

Ask us for an appointment today